The City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra’s Goals

The City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra’s Goals

An orchestra community members can love, respect, and feel close to
Enhance CKSO’s value to citizens by delivering the best music in harmony with people.
An orchestra symbolic of Kyoto, a City of Arts and Culture
Reaffirm CKSO’s position in the arts and culture policy of Kyoto City by creating new value and encouraging cultural and personal development through the power of music.
An orchestra constantly delivering the best music to worldwide audiences
Aspire to further growth as an orchestra by working continuously on improving its performances.

Five Strategies for Achieving CKSO’s Goals

  • 01. Lead Kyoto’s arts and culture through world-class music
     Play a leading role in Kyoto City’s arts and culture

    Subscription concerts will remain the core of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra’s activities. Additionally, CKSO will work continuously toward further artistic development through stronger performances, and through educational programs for would-be musicians offered in partnership with the Kyoto City University of Arts and other educational institutions, so as to play a leading role in Kyoto’s musical arts. Through performances outside the city and other activities, CKSO will also communicate nationally and internationally the musical strengths of Kyoto, a City of Arts and Culture.

    Offer programs for the first-hand enjoyment of classical and orchestral music

     CKSO will create richly varied programs including programs communicating the multilayered appeal of classical music, and ones involving collaboration with other branches of the arts and sciences, so that wider audiences—including both classical music fans and people new to classical music—can appreciate the unique appeal of orchestral music.

  • 02. Contribute to Kyoto’s community-building activities through music
    Actively roll out educational programs for the sound emotional development of children

     CKSO will actively participate in music education programs designed to encourage sound emotional development in children. These include music appreciation classes for elementary and junior high school students, and junior orchestras.

    Conduct outreach programs for delivering CKSO’s music to the wider society

     As an orchestra serving the community, CKSO will expand its activities beyond its home venue of Kyoto Concert Hall to include smaller ensemble performances at various locations within Kyoto City, and by travelling further afield as dictated by demand. CKSO will ensure that its music is delivered live to a wider range of members of society, including children, parents with children, and seniors.

  • 03. Increase fans of CKSO, and bring CKSO closer to audiences
    Offer “fan-friendly” services and win new fans

     SO will continue to provide fan-friendly services to Friends of CKSO members and other supporters, and strengthen its relationship with its fans. CKSO will also work to expand its fan base, particularly among local and overseas students studying in Kyoto, and domestic and international visitors to Kyoto.

    Actively send out communication about CKSO and its musicians

     To let more people—including non-audience members—learn about CKSO and its musicians, CKSO will actively utilize a wide range of online and other media to disseminate information about the appeal of its music and members. CKSO will also collaborate with a wide range of non-musical partners to communicate its activities in a targeted manner.

  • 04. Become an organization of principled, highly professional musicians
    Maintain pride as professional musicians, and awareness and responsibility as members of the City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra

     CKSO members will maintain high goals as professional musicians, constantly strive to build on their originality and performing strengths, and invest equal importance in all performances. As members of an organization, CKSO members will act responsibly in respect of its rules, prioritize its activities while balancing them with their activities as individual musicians, and constantly seek to become better members of CKSO.

    Encourage creativity and harmony through active communication

     Music is in itself a means of communication. CKSO will make its environment conducive to the harmony of unique individual strengths and creativity by encouraging active communication between musicians, conductors, and administrative staff members based on respect for each other and for individual views.

  • 05. Ensure a sound operational footing and reinforce management
    Establish a sustainable cost and profit structure

     CKSO will seek funds from multiple sources—income from performances, grants, and donations—to supplement subsidies from Kyoto City. On top of maintaining a sound overall cost and profit balance, CKSO will work to establish a sustainable cost and profit structure to ensure it can adapt flexibly to social changes.

    Become an organization conducive to growth

     To ensure continued growth into the future, CKSO will, through the coordinated efforts of the Foundation and Kyoto City, become an organization that encourages the creativity and unique individual strengths of all of its musicians and administrative staff members, regardless of gender or nationality. Inclusivity, transparency, and accountability will be treated with the utmost importance, and a system for achieving an organizational operation relevant to social needs will be built.

For the implementation of the Five Strategies

Orchestra members, Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation, and the City of Kyoto will share the progress of activities conducted toward this Vision; assess and analyze social trends and needs; and plan and implement practical measures.

 As the management body of the orchestra, Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation will reflect this Vision in the Foundation’s medium-term plan. The Foundation will assess and analyze the current situation and needs, and ensure actions are implemented accordingly.
As the entity responsible for the establishment of the orchestra, the City of Kyoto will support CKSO’s growth and development, and work to maximize CKSO’s contribution toward the city’s culture and arts program.