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The 680th Subscription Concert Kyoto Concert Hall

Dates Saturday, July 15, 2023
Opening time 2:30pm
Location Kyoto Concert Hall (Main Hall)
Featured Artists Ryusuke Numajiri(Conductor)
Naomi Tasaki (Salome / Soprano)
Kei Fukui (Herodes / Tenor)
Mutsumi Taniguchi (Herodias / Mezzo Soprano)
Toru Onuma (Jochanaan / Baritone)
Tetsutaro Shimizu (Narraboth / Tenor)
Hiroka Yamashita (Ein Page der Herodias / Mezzo Soprano)
Program <Opera Concertante>
R.Strauss: “Salome”, drama in 1 act op.54 (concert style)

♪Pre-Concert Talk
Ticket On sale from May 20, 2023
S ¥5,500
A ¥5,000
B ¥4,000
C ¥3,000
Contact Online Ticket Sales >Book Now
Kyoto Concert Hall Box Office 075-711-3231
ROHM Theatre Kyoto Box Office 075-746-3201
Ticket PIA(P-code:227-671)
LAWSON Ticket(L-code:52904)
For more information, see "Tickets" page.
Remarks ◆U22(22 years old or younger)
Tickets : S:¥2,000 A:¥1,500 B:¥1,000 C:¥1,000
Identification card is required.
Can be purchased from 1 hour before the concert.
*Tickets are subject to availability.
*Tickets may not be for sale due to new coronavirus.

◆Wheelchair seating:
Please call Kyoto Concert Hall Box Office 075-711-3231 for reservation.

◆Discount for Persons with Disabilities
We offer a 10% discount on the ticket price for persons with disabilities and one companion.
(Only available at the Kyoto Concert Hall & ROHM Theatre Kyoto Box office.
Please show us your Disability Certificates when you purchase tickets.)

♪Pre-School children are not allowed in the hall.
♪Day Nursery is available for pre-school children age 1 year and over.
The fee is ¥1,000 per child
Call for reservation by a week before the concert. (CKSO 075-222-0347)
*Reservation may not be available due to new coronavirus.

The 680th Subscription Concert

The 680th Subscription Concert



Ryusuke Numajiri


Naomi Tasaki         Kei Fukui             Mutsumi Taniguchi

Toru Onuma          Tetsutaro Shimizu       Hiroka Yamashita

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The 680th Subscription Concert